Personal Development 

Hundreds of Personal Development apps are already on the market with more on the way that are targeted for use on mobile devices.  Teaching 21st Century, 1397763143177Executive-Functioning, and Creativity Skills with Popular Video Games and Apps by Randy Kulman, Teresa Slobuski, and Roy Seitsinger explore the possibilities in their Book  LEARNING, EDUCATION & GAMES. Karen Schrier who wrote 8 Designing and Using Games to Teach Ethics and Ethical Thinking says,

“With the advent of more accessible and open game tools, engines, and platforms, there is also an emerging indie scene of educational game makers. Games and gaming for learning have also crept into unexpected corners—from the government to the workplace, hospitals and doctor’s offices, and the military.

Although the term gamification has been bandied about more recently to discuss games being used in not-typically-game contexts, people have been trying to design powerful and engaging experiences using good games for years. While espousing the pros and cons of “gamification” is not the focus of this book series, the fact that the use of this term has increased so rapidly (though perhaps in misaligned contexts), further suggests a need to reevaluate the intersection of games and learning.

Despite all of the technological, social, and economic innovations that have allowed us to create, play, iterate on, replicate, and research digital games, we also cannot overlook the many forms games can take. Games—whether digital, hybrid, virtual, analog, online, offline, console, web-based, text-based, graphics-intensive, or mobile—are, at their core, games. Human beings have been playing games, and learning from games, since the start of humankind. We cannot forget that games are, at their essence, about sharing and communicating truths about ourselves. And, if you play a game, no matter what you have learned something—which is, at the very least, how to play the game.”

In fact its  quite common we hear the phrase, there’s an app for that. When it comes to Personal Growth  it’s also true. And here’s a link to App Crawler:

 which features hundreds of  free PD apps for mobile. Who knew learning could be so much fun?