Sustainability & Profit Improvement


“I worked with Alison on several really innovative energy applications during her tenure at NREL and I unequivocally endorse the insights, ideas and ability to integrate that she brought to the table and converted into real tools…”Wise” well beyond her namesake and her innovations are top shelf…Her thought leadership during this critical time of transition from 20th century energy paradigms to this century’s understanding and communication of our nation’s energy “infrastructure” will help greatly with strategies we test, develop and embrace as we make progress towards a cleaner economy. I expect more great things and trust an important piece of our future to Alison.” -Darrell Beschen, Chief Economist, U.S Department of Energy, May 31, 2011.

Alison Wise is engaged in several communities in the clean tech space, lending strategic advice to entrepreneurs and investors in the clean economy so profits accelerate. Her analytic background covers the spectrum of clean technologies, as well as SaaS. She blogs at the Huffington Post as The Clean Economist and is actively working on “clean economic development” strategies. She has spoken on these issues both nationally and internationally, from Silicon Valley to Dalian, China.

She’s spent 20 years working on socially/environmentally responsible business, clean tech and policy issues, including innovative finance, CSR and strategic consulting for Fortune 500 firms. She founded one of the first trade associations for sustainable businesses, Sea Change, a decade ago and engages political and corporate decision-makers to rethink the meaning of value in a carbon constrained economy. Alison was a senior strategist at NREL, a senior research consultant at Clean Edge, Inc., the director of business development & public policy at Future 500 and one of six strategists who built the Sustainable Business Achievement Rating system (S-BAR) whose methodology has just been adopted by UL for their assessment of business sustainability.

Allison Wise