Effective Communications Skills Training 

Deirdre Landix, Phd

Diversity, Communications, Leadership, Transformation

Dr. Landix is a consultant, facilitator and coach, specializing in the fields of

organizational transformation, diversity and inclusion, leadership development

and effective communication/presentation skills. She has extensive experience in

designing and facilitating professional development processes in a wide range of

settings with a goal of maximizing human potential.

The primary objective of her work has been to both sensitize and coach

individuals at all levels of the organization to effectively communicate their

message through the many dimensions of diversity impacting our interactions in

today’s global communities. She has worked professionally in the U.S., Canada,

Europe, China, Mexico and Japan with global corporations such as Nike,

Deloitte, Life Technologies, Autodesk, Apple Computers, United Airlines and

Cisco Systems.

As an African American female, with a BA in Sociology, an MBA in Marketing, an

MA in Organizational Transformation, and a Ph.D. in Integral Studies/

Transformative Learning, together with more than thirty years of experience in

major corporate environments, Dr. Landix brings a unique skill set to the

professional development arena. Dr. Landix believes that “For the individual, the

challenge is in staying true to one’s authentic presence while communicating

through the many facets of one’s organizational and societal lens.”

Specialties:Diversity and Inclusion Facilitation & Coaching

Effective Presentation Skills Training & Coaching

Team Building

Leadership Development Skills

Life and Professional Coaching

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